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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

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What is grave record?
Grave record is a rich resource for anyone in finding the final the final disposition of family, friends, and famous individuals.
What can I find in Grave Records?
Grave records database contains detailed information about the departed such as date and place of birth, cemetery location, cause of death (if any), inscriptions, and the likes.
What are the addition records can I access?
Apart from USA grave records, the search index offers unlimited access to death records, obituary records, ancestral SSN, cemetery records and the likes.
Why should I use this website?
The well-developed structure, advanced search engine and comprehensive database of this website help data seekers to obtain their required information easily and instantly. The website comprises various public records and also offers access to these records.
I have never used any Online Site before. How will I start?
Don't Worry! Starting your online search for records is not at all difficult. To search, you need to have some information about the concerned person, then select the state and county and just begin you exploration.
Can I get Grave Records for free?
To maintain the accuracy and authenticity of the information, we collect data from various reliable sources. The sites which offer free service often fail to meet the requirement of people. That's why we charge a nominal sum to provide you with your needed details in time.
How much does a membership cost?
The cost of Membership depends on what Plan you choose. For information on our Membership Options and what they include, visit our Membership page.
How do I Register?
To register with us, visit our Join Now Page and then choose a Membership Plan to continue your Registration.
Is the transaction safe?
Yes, we have a secure Click Bank Payment Gateway for Registration Pay Process. Your Credit Card and other personal details will be kept confidential here.
Can more than one person use an account?
The system does not allow access to more than one user at a time. This is done for the safety and security of your account as well as for your protection. Do not share your Username and Password with anyone.
I don't remember my username & password.
To recover your username and password go to the Member Login Page and send your query with your Registered Email Id and Click Bank Token Number or Click Bank Receipt No. to our Client Support Service Desk, visit our Member Login Page.
I'm having problem with Login/Password.
Username and password are Not Case Sensitive. If you are receiving an error message or if your email address is not being recognized then please go to our Contact Us Page and send your query to retrieve your username and password.
How do I change my Account Password?
You can change your Account Password any time. In order to change your Password, you need to be signed in, first. Then follow the instruction as mentioned.
What will I do if I was already billed and didn't get the Username & password?
In case such thing happened that you are already billed and you did not get the password and username, all you need to do is to go to the Login Page. Simply request for the "Forgot Password" and check your email. You are likely to get your user ID and password in your mail box within minutes.
What are the procedures to change my account information?
If you want to change your personal information, you will always be allowed to change it by our website. First, you have to log in to your existing account. Now simply go to your account information page. Just change your personal information as you wish. It is really simple. Isn't it?
How do you manage to provide such records at such cost-effective price while others charge so high?
We have been maintaining good relation with our public records suppliers for years. Therefore, we get huge discounts on our premium searches which permit us to sell our records at such reasonable price.
I am yet to find my subject. Do I need to pay for each individual search?
Absolutely not! You can run unlimited searches to access database till you find your subject once you are billed. We do not charge for each individual search.
Can I contact the customer support desk if required? If so, how is it?
Of course yes, You just need to click over the 'contact us' link in the menu bar. You will find a form where you can send your query by inserting all the relevant information. We will respond to you within a while.
For which countries do you provide your services?
As of now, we are chiefly providing public records and databases covering the entire USA. However, processing and compiling records for other countries like Canada, Australia and UK is underway.
Are there any restrictions upon using such data and records?
Certainly there are few things that you can't do with these records. Using this data for pre-employment, or tenant screening, harassing, blackmailing, troubling, stalking, injuring others, and so on like these is strictly prohibited.
Does this website stockpile any non-public data?
Since we are not a consumer credit reporting agency, we do not stockpile or deal in any kind of financial information, tax records, credit reports or any things of that sorts. We only provide public records, strictly.